The worst place to be mistaken for someone else is in the pathology lab.

Anatomic pathology labs today face critical shortages in technicians, along with increasing demands to produce better quality results, faster.

While the average pathology lab maintains a 99% quality rate, that leaves a 1% margin for error that could mean as many as 6 misidentified samples every single week for an average size lab*. When real patient results are at risk, even a small margin of error is unacceptable. Now, more than ever, we must safeguard every patient...every step of the way.

Here, you will learn about pathology lab process errors that compromise the integrity of patient results, and the solutions
that can put your lab on a SaferPath.

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Awareness is the first step. Patient safety is the goal.

* "Unmasking specimen ID errors, every step of the way." CAP Today, June 2010