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Inside Track: Pathology and Patient Safety

At the end of February 2014, a group of anatomic pathology experts from leading healthcare institutions around the globe gathered at the Tucson headquarters of Ventana Medical Systems Inc. (Ventana) to examine laboratory-based patient safety issues and work toward a consensus on how to advance the standard of care for patients.


Perspectives In Pathology: Toward Improved Practices

February, 2014, An international panel of pathology leaders gathered for the International Pathology Patient Safety Advisory Board in Tucson, Ariz., at the invitation of Ventana Medical Systems Inc. (Ventana) with the purpose of adding a new dynamic to the drive for positive change and improvements for patient safety in anatomic pathology labs.


International panel of pathology leaders develop principles for patient safety

On February 27, 2014, an international panel of leaders in the pathology community announced its support of four principles designed to drive positive change and improve patient safety in the anatomic pathology laboratory. At the invitation of Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (Ventana), a member of the Roche Group, the panel convened to examine the state of lab-based patient safety, with the challenge to work toward a consensus on how to advance the standard of care for patients.


International pathology patient safety advisory board

Ventana Medical Systems. Inc. convened an international panel of leaders in the pathology community to examine the state of lab-based patient safety, with the challenge to work...


Congressional Briefing explores critical patient safety issues in anatomic pathology labs

A Congressional Briefing in Washington in November of 2012 explored critical patient safety issues related to tissue slide processing that often get overlooked in US clinical and anatomic laboratories. The Briefing was designed to educate federal legislators and their staffs about patient safety issues as they consider related legislation, regulatory oversight, and constituent service.


A new study assesses the rates of extraneous tissue contamination of H&E linear staining procedure

Measurement of stainer bath contamination and evaluation of common mitigation strategies published in Journal of Histotechnology, (Vol 35, Number 3, September 2012, pp. 130-139(10), investigates the levels of tissue cross contamination in the histology laboratory.


Journal of Histotechnology Reports on Real Risk of Errors in Patient Tissue Biopsy Processing

Ventana Medical Systems. Inc. announced a groundbreaking study in the Journal of Histotechnology that indicates there is a real risk that errors can be made in the processing...


Study shows normal histological practices could be dramatically improved to minimize patient safety risks

A new approach to minimize the problem of patient to patient contamination in histology, published in Australian Journal of Medical Science (Vol 33 Number 2, May, 2012, pp ) comprehensively examines the tissue handling and staining, and identifies sources of tissue cross contamination during these processes, along with the diagnostic dilemmas it creates.


Occult mix ups of specimens, study shows, occur in about 1 in 100 prostate biopsies

Rate of Occult Specimen Provenance Complications in Routine Clinical Practice, published in the American Society for Clinical Pathology (January 2013; 139 (1)), evaluates a data set of almost 13,000 prostate biopsies that were prospectively tested for specimen provenance errors as part of routine clinical practice. The frequency of occult type 1 errors (a complete transposition between patients) and type 2 errors (contamination of the patient's tissue with 1 or more unrelated patients) was 0.26% and 0.67%.


Laboratory Equipment Magazine discusses the need for public-private partnership to advance patient safety in the pathology lab

Responding to Patient Safety Threats in the Lab, published in Laboratory Equipment Magazine, discusses the need for a public-private solution to address and solve the serious risks to patient safety inherent in today's pathology laboratory.

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