"Variations in anatomic pathology processes can negatively impact the quality of diagnosis, and workflow bottlenecks delay the speed in which the physician and patient receive laboratory results."

-Winny Tan, PhD

Quoted in an article for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News5

The concern: slow turnaround time

slow turn around time

Time is of the essence when it comes to getting tissue biopsy results back to patients.
But pathology labs face obstacles that can impede the delivery of fast, accurate results:

  • Manual "dip and dunk" staining can compromise the integrity of tissue samples
  • Hand labeling can lead to sample misidentification
  • A lack of sample tracking can lead to lost samples

The more chances for human error and tech-to-tech variability, the greater the risk
of patient misidentification.

The solution: a more efficient lab

The less time a lab spends completing manual processes and accounting for errors, the more time it can devote to delivering
reliable results so patients can begin treatment sooner.

Fully automated, integrated systems streamline the testing process with error reduction and efficiency monitoring capabilities, so you can:

  • Pull STAT cases as soon as they are ready and deliver to the pathologist, without interrupting the rest of the run
  • Remotely monitor lab workflow for maximum efficiency
  • Identify and prevent workflow bottlenecks before they occur
  • Dramatically reduce errors and diminish time spent locating lost slides, and correcting manual errors

5 Tan, Winny. "Tissue-Based Diagnostics Niche Expanding: Long-Term Health of Sector Dependent on Changes in Approval and Reimbursement," Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 15 May 2010: Vol. 30 No.10.

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